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1324 days ago.
by HarryTheHenderson

food for thought

Did you know that we use unarmed Predator drones on the boarder between North Dakota and Canada? Did you know that unarmed is not the same as unarmored? Did you know that local law enforcement(in North Dakota) can lease the use of these drones? I know that you know the manufacturing capabilities of the United States. Did you know that no matter how many drones there are, be it 1000 or 500000, they could all be armed in ten minutes? I'm just sayin...


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Our elected leaders don't tell us much... after all don't you think we would all be mad if they first told us that they were sending gobs of money to 3rd world nations to stop their wars and issues vs facing our own issues here in America. They hide many things from us, learn to live with it and have your "bugout bag" ready to go.

Posted 1324 days ago.

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