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393 days ago.
by Avoice

NO to referendum yes to cuts

It is well past time to cut teacher pay by 5 to 10 percent, freeze it for several years, eliminate pay for extra curricular activities(ECA) and make it contractual that each teacher helps with an ECA. Same cuts for administrators. Raise deductibles on health insurance, and you will have money left over to decrease class size and offer more variety in classes. signed - sick and tired of continual tax increases.


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Don't know the details but watched the Senate Education Policy Committee discuss the possibility of changing the public approvals of excess levies to allow the school boards to be the authorizer of excess levies up to $300 per pupil By Senator Skoe. Good idea for small strapped taxable property districts but an uncontrollable excess for wealthy taxable property districts. Bill must be passed thru committees to get a look see as to the details.

Posted 393 days ago.

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