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River Bend ALC gives second chances

December 14, 2012
The Journal

To the editor:

My name is Shania Stanford; I've been at River Bend ALC since March of 2012. A lot of people say that the ALC is the easy way out of "normal high school" and that we are all bad kids. I want to say that none of that is true there are tons of kids that go to River Bend because of many different reasons.

I know a lot of people who are working to graduate on time and even if they don't they still keep going to try and get their high school diploma. The teachers are extremely helpful, more helpful than anything that I've experienced. River Bend is not the easy way out; it's a second chance to get life on track again for students to feel that people still care about them. I personally think that everyone that doubts the kids at River Bend ALC are just judging. Yes, they did some bad things in their home schools, they have slept in class, they gave up, but hey I'm pretty sure all of us have done that same exact thing. I mean do you remember that one saying that all parents have? "I was your age once too." So why be so hard on the kids that go to the ALC? They work twice has hard to get to their graduation!

A lot of kids don't realize just how important their high school diploma is. These kids really just need someone to talk to them. Seriously, how are we supposed to have faith, hope, and success, if all you want to do is doubt us?

When I transferred to River Bend ALC, they turned my life around; they showed me that people still care about you and your education. River Bend staff have an amazing support system, and I want people to realize that more than ever. They never single anyone out; they never make someone feel like they can't do something. River Bend teaches valuable lessons. Just because they are an alternative school doesn't mean they are easier than a normal high school. I believe they give the best advice to struggling students.

I want to thank everyone from River Bend ALC; they have helped many kids, including me, get to where I needed to be to succeed in life and in high school. So to everyone out there who doubts the kids and staff at River Bend ALC in New Ulm, MN please reconsider. I've never met a school that cares so much about us. They really do give that second chance that everyone deserves in a lifetime. That's why our mascot is a phoenix. Read up on mythology, and you will understand.

Shania Stanford

New Ulm



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