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To bullies of all ages

December 8, 2012
The Journal

To the editor:

I stumbled upon a situation recently that got me thinking. The exact "who, what, where and why" does not matter as much as the bottom-line issue - adult bullying. Sure we have heard much about bullying - usually in association with children or even high school and college-age kids, but not much is heard about adult bullying. In this particular situation, an adult bully is using social media, gossip and even blackmail to "anonymously" ruin the names of those that are sought out. As of late, the bully's targets were young adults who were trying to find their place and help to better a community. I don't know why the bully believes they have the right to cut down people, whether it's some sort of misplaced vendetta or simply that they feel the world owes them, but either way the bully-like tactics are crossing the line.

The same line that we, as society and individual organizations, should never tolerate. And shame on those that allow the slanderous words and actions of bullies to destroy the lives of young adults trying to make their way and older adults who are trying to raise their families and enjoy the benefits of their hard work.

The same line that we as adults teach our children not to cross. Should we not wake up each day and strive to be the best version of ourselves as we can? To show the younger generation, though our actions, that bully tactics have no place in today's society? If we teach our children to love, respect and care for their fellow neighbors, shouldn't we also live up to that same philosophy? Because if we do not, we become nothing less than a hypocritical society and the quintessential "dog eat dog world" and that is not the legacy I want to leave behind.

My lasting words to bullies, no matter their age, are quite simple. Grow up and as a theologian once stated, "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle."

Kent and Jill Derksen

New Ulm



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