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Compromise is not a dirty word

November 19, 2012
The Journal

To the editor:

In response to "What's wrong with politicians," (Our View, Nov. 16, 2012), at least Patty Murray said to go over the fiscal cliff should only be "considered." The tea party wing of the Republicans rejoiced at not paying our bills. This caused a stock market slump and a lower credit rating.

The Dems and Republicans both agree we need revenue increases and spending cuts, and most importantly, jobs. Therefore the word "compromise" again comes into play. The tea party has a problem with this. Maybe the Republican conservatives should be primarying the tea party instead of the other way around.

We have now all seen how the tea party wants to govern. Think of the government as the referee. The tea party wants no ref. The real tea party only lasted one day, but suffered consequences for several years. The tax on the tea was to be used to pay for the British military who were fighting in the Middle East and North Africa. Sound familiar? Wish we had those lives and money back.

Compromise should not be a dirty word, a two-party system should be able to work, then.

Tom Eckstein

New Ulm



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