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Timely words from the New Ulm Daily News

November 4, 2012
The Journal

To the editor:

The following editorial appeared in the Aug. 18, 1951, New Ulm Daily News. Its relevance to current affairs will be obvious.

"People may honestly differ with the theology and policies of the Wisconsin Synod of the Lutheran Church, but they just have to admire the sturdy independence and character of these people who make up this organization. They have increased their budget $350,000 for the year and are looking for no handouts or contributions from anyone outside their membership. They will raise the money to support their churches from their own members. They do not ask members outside their church to patronize their church suppers and do not sell tickets to non-members in an effort to swell their receipts. Neither do they seek or want government subsidy for their schools. They want their churches and schools to be supported by their members alone and this is admirable.

"Much interest was evidenced by the synod's determination not to participate in the military service's program of chaplains. The Wisconsin Synod was anxious to supply chaplains to the military service but wished to pay expenses of their chaplains themselves so they would be under control of the church and not the military service.

"In a day when everybody is running to the government for a handout, subsidy, or a special privilege, it is refreshing that the Wisconsin Synod wants no government pay and is determined to stand on its own feet. They wisely knew this is the only way a church can be free and maintain its position as the defenders of the right of man to worship his God in the way his own conscience dictates.

"Wouldn't it be wonderful if the self-reliant spirit of the Wisconsin Synod and its stand for independence and democratic organization would kindle a movement which would spread through America? It was this spirit which built America and made it great!"

R.E. Wehrwein

New Ulm



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