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Follow God’s definition of marriage

November 3, 2012
The Journal

To the editor:

"We, the people" are to be in charge of governing our states and country, not some liberal judge or radical activist group. To that end, we the people of Minnesota have an opportunity to verify the definition of marriage as between one man and one woman and put it into our state constitution.

By voting YES on the Minnesota marriage protection amendment you are solidifying the God-ordained definition of since creation. How can anyone say that they know better than God when it comes to the definition of marriage?

The constitution is supposed to protect our freedom. The 3.4 percent of homosexuals (Gallup Poll) are trampling the freedom and values of the other 97 percent. Don't let that happen here in Minnesota. Documented examples of people who have been harassed, fired, sued, and suspended by liberals and members of the homosexual movement include the following: Chick-fil-A, wedding cake bakers, t-shirt makers, military chaplains, high school teachers, restaurant owners, photographers, and churches. Even parents of young school children are not allowed to have their children opt-out of homosexual curriculums, and have been arrested. We need to stop the reading of homosexual material like the book, King and King, in the classroom.

For other dangers of redefining marriage and what it could lead to go to www. MinnesotaForMarriage. com. On November 6 vote YES on the marriage protection amendment. Remember, a blank on the ballot will be counted as a no vote.

Myron Fluegge

New Ulm



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