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God’s word on marriage unchanging

October 30, 2012
The Journal

To the editor:

To Lori Wengert and anyone else who reads this: Please read this letter to the bitter end. I don't know right now all I may write so, go to the end. I may be as surprised as you. You ask " Who do you think you are?" With all due respect I ask "who do you think you are?" I do not know if you are religious and that is not my business. I do know that ever since Genesis Ch. 3 v 6 (the fall of Adam and Eve), you and I and every human born in this world have one thing in common. We are all sinners. I also know that through faith in God, through Jesus Christ, His Son, we can all be forgiven - Eph.2 v 8-10 and Romans 3 v 23-30.

These verses also remind us that He is God of all people God also tells us to love all people. See Mark 12 v 28-33. However, God has some harsh words for some in 1 Cor. 6 v 9 & 10 but relief in verse 11.

On marriage read 1 Cor. 7 v 2 & 3.These are not really selective but easy to find. Read through the Bible and you will find many similar passages with the same message. Let us then understand that no one has the power to judge anyone. That is entirely up to God Matt. 7 v 1&2. But on the basis of these few passages and this short (?) letter, please believe me when I say it is entirely out of Christian love and concern for my fellow man and not a better than thou attitude that I ask you to vote YES on the marriage amendment.

Remember that a blank ballot on this issue is a no vote. Be sure and vote Nov. 6. Vote your conscience. I wouldn't want it any other way.

Fifty years ago same sex marriage was unheard of. People say the world is changing. I submit people are trying to change the world. Hebrews 13 v 8 says: Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever.

Claus Sieh

New Ulm



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