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School tax referendum has business implications

October 27, 2012
The Journal

To the editor:

As a business owner in New Ulm, I have a significant financial stake in the proposed school tax levy referendum. Tax increases of any kind concern me, but a far greater concern to me is the consequence of not passing a school tax levy referendum in November. To me, the choice is clear. A strong school system is essential to attracting and keeping families in New Ulm. It is the difference between seeing New Ulm prosper and grow or watching it settle into mediocrity.

New Ulm's quality of life is excellent in so many ways. I have always been proud to tell people that I am from New Ulm. My kids have benefitted from a quality education in New Ulm that prepared them for college and taught them lifelong skills. We must insure that today's and tomorrow's students have that same opportunity to succeed.

It is unfortunate that our state funding for education is not adequate to provide all that is necessary for our schools. But for now, that is the situation we must work with. It is up to us to decide whether New Ulm will be one of the communities that rises above the economic challenge. We must take a stand for quality education. Please join me in voting YES for the school referendum on November 6th.

Bill Steinke

New Ulm



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