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Referendum supports kids, community

October 26, 2012
The Journal

To the editor:

Have you ever helped someone whether they expected it or not? Have you experienced the feeling of self satisfaction knowing that you made a difference in someone's life? I think we can all remember times throughout our lives when we accomplished this. Does anyone remember the "Golden Rule" of do onto others as you'd have done to you? In our fast paced society we sometimes overlook the small victories we can achieve in life. We forget how easy it is to help people and make a difference. Due to misappropriation and lack of state funding, communities across the state are asked to pick up the pieces when it relates to education funding.

In the end we are faced with a decision. This decision, while directly having an impact on us as individuals, also bears an impact on our community. We as a nation, state, county, city and community often band together for a greater good. Voting yes on Nov. 6 to our community's referendum is a great example of how we can express our unity and demonstrate to future generations that education is vitally important and we are willing to make it a priority. As a parent I hold myself accountable to do everything in my power to make my children's life better. As an active member in the business community I strive for a strong community to attract better employees. Education plays a huge role in both of these objectives.

You can count me in on Nov. 6; can I count you in?

Mike Wise

New Ulm



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