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School experience important

October 26, 2012
The Journal

To the editor:

My name is Leah Nelsen, and I am currently a junior at Concordia College in Moorhead studying elementary education. I grew up in New Ulm, and graduated from NUHS as part of the 2010 class.

My experiences at NUHS shaped me, and were very large factors that led me to my future career. Academically, there were so many teachers with new and innovative ways of teaching skills that inspired me to go out into the world and make a difference through teaching. In terms of the arts, there was also a beautiful medium that I could express myself through, and could truly grow in. Looking back, my artistic memories hold as much importance as my academic experiences held. I will hold these memories forever, and use them as a means in my future teaching.

This is where my concern comes in. With the budget cuts that are facing Independent School District 88, some of these experiences are in critical danger. When opportunities for students are cut, student?s abilities to properly compete in a rapidly changing world are cut. As a current education major, I have had the opportunity to see the quality of education in schools that are a bit more financially stable. The difference is night and day, not only in the happiness of the students, but of the whole school population in general.

When a school is allowed more activities and smaller class sizes, there is a quality of education that makes each student feel like an individual who has the opportunity to make a change. Every time we are forced to add more to our class sizes, the individual attention that a student receives starts to slope downwards. Those individual experiences I had with my teachers in high school directly correlate to the confidence I have now in college being able to ask for help, to ask questions, and to work hands on with my professors; all which have made me a stronger student who is ready to take on the challenges in the real world.

I attribute a lot of my current success to my experiences at NUHS. So, in order to ensure that other students can have a beneficial experience let?s vote YES to the referendum on Nov. 6. ISD 88 can count me in. Can we count you in too?

Leah Nelsen




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