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Vote No on amendments

October 24, 2012
The Journal

To the editor:

As a fourth generation Redwood County landowner, I have paid multiple taxes: income, property, payroll and sales tax. As a Vietnam veteran receiving the Bronze Star and Army Commendation medals and a lifetime Redwood resident, I am writing this letter.

As in Vietnam, we have a fight on our hands to defend the rights and freedoms of our democracy. However, the battle today is not from an outside enemy, but from within. This enemy is divisive, obstructive, deceptive, restrictive, judgmental and greedy. These adjectives can all be used to define the Republican Party platform, agenda and tactics. What bothers me most is the Republican Party uses their religious convictions for validation. They use the divine destiny of God to influence and manipulate others. I don't know about everyone, but my lessons in Bible and Sunday School taught me to love one another, care for the less fortunate, aid the sick and accept people as they are.

We citizens need to take up this fight by supporting candidates who will represent all of our needs, not just the privileged. We especially need to oppose the two partisan amendments: the Voter ID and the Right to Marriage. These amendments are problematic; they are costly, partisan, restrictive and unnecessary here in Minnesota.

We must all remember our Constitution was put in place to protect cur freedoms and rights, not restrict them. Everyone needs to take a look at these amendments, as they were written to be confusing. Read them and study them. The Voter ID will be an additional tax burden and it is not clear how exactly it will be administered or financed. We already have marriage protection, so why do we need to redefine it?

Everyone, please use your voting privilege and VOTE on Nov. 6!

Gerald W. Patten

Redwood Falls



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