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Who will save the most children?

October 12, 2012
The Journal

To the editor:

First of all, I'd like to compliment the reader who pointed out the inconsistency of the people who champion a woman's right to an abortion, but cry and whine about the right to possess firearms because they might accidentally go off and hurt someone.

The Democratic platform of 2012 "supports... a woman's right to.. .a safe and legal abortion, regardless of her ability to pay." Which means those who abhor abortion will often have to pay for it. "Safe abortion" is a ridiculous oxymoron. One of the people involved always gets killed.

I wonder who the people are who wrote those lines of the Platform. Their marketing skills are sadly lacking. In good marketing, you try to offend as few as possible, and include as many as possible. In order to include those who favored Roe v. Wade, wouldn't it be enough to say, "We do not believe that throwing doctors in prison for performing abortions would do much good. Not all social problems can be solved by making them against the law."

I would love to pass a constitutional amendment which would state that "human life begins at conception." That might save lots of babies, someday when we have the votes to pass it. But I don't want to save babies' lives "someday." I want to start saving them now. So I need to ask my fellow citizens to imagine this:

You are a young mom and dad in a doctor's office, and the doc says, "You're pregnant. Your baby has severe problems. He can be fixed, somewhat, but he will always have special needs. Before he's two years old he will have at least $500,000 in medical bills. Maybe you should terminate the pregnancy."

Now let's remember of two facts. First, when George W. Bush the Republican was given the chance to sign a bill that extended health care to millions more children, he said we couldn't afford it. The first American president who stood before the American people and said "The laws we have signed today will guarantee that no American will ever go broke because you (or your baby) are sick." was a Democrat, not a Republican.

So I ask you - who will save the most children - right now?

Henk Exoo

New Ulm



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