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Walz deserves your vote

October 12, 2012
The Journal

To the editor:

Yesterday I traveled north a couple of hours, turned on MPR and got in on the debate between Tim Walz and Allen Quist, recorded at Minnesota State University, Mankato, on Tuesday. First of all, kudos to MPR for airing this kind of programming. I had wanted to hear this debate, but couldn't make it.

I am familiar with Tim Walz, but hadn't really heard much from Quist. I wasn't familiar with how he stood on the important issues of the day. I have to say, that even after listening to the debate, I am not very clear on where he comes down on issues. I did come away with three or four pat phrases he repeated about 10 times. I am not exaggerating. I was very disappointed, frankly, that I didn't come away with some actual information about where Quist stands and why, other than to hear the same old lines of vague political platitudes that the GOP has sanctioned.

I heard a bit of whining from Quist when the moderator didn't ask the question right or Walz didn't answer Quist's questions rather than the one asked by the moderator, and I heard answers from the GOP candidate that didn't answer the question asked. I feel, as a voter, I deserve more than that.

A big thank you to Tim Walz who definitely gave us the nuts and bolts and details of what's happening in DC and what he is doing and has done in Congress. He is honest, forthright and a teacher, frankly... he knows what he's talking about and he knows how to work collaboratively. I appreciate that. I don't agree with everything he does and or has done. But I respect him and I know that he is not afraid to work with Republicans to get things done for the American people.?

I cannot express how sad, disappointed and frustrated I am that "compromise" has become a dirty word. For goodness sake. That is what our democracy is built on. That is how we get things done. We are so fractured and polarized as a society that unless we start holding our politicians accountable for obstruction for the sake of party...we are headed in a downward spiral.?

I ask you to vote for Tim Walz. He is a man of integrity who has a breadth of knowledge and a passion to work and care for the people of the 1st District and for the greater good.

Robyn Sand Anderson

New Ulm



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