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Say no to economic anarchy

October 8, 2012
The Journal

To the editor:

There are some people who still say, "that government is best which governs least." But if that is true, then "that government is best which governs not at all." They also say "the market has wisdom," meaning that the economy, unregulated, will almost always do what is best for its long-term interests, which will be best for everyone. What a crock.

No rules is anarchy, meaning no system at all. Then the strongest, the most ruthless and greedy, rise to the top with great power. Everyone else is left mercilessly oppressed. Europe was once like this. That period is the called "the Dark Ages." The people who were in charge are still called "robber barons."

Another example is the "Gay 90's" in the United States. (In the 1890's, "gay" meant "happy") They were not happy, for most people. Most Americans were fanners living in what we would consider poverty. The people with no land were even worse off. When there was work in the factories people came in and got paid lousy wages.When the order was filled the people were dumped back on the streets to freeze and starve. Men like "Boss Tweed" of the infamous men's club "Tamany Hall," of New York, publicly bragged about their graft and corruption. Mr. Tweed once said, "I never worry about what the common folks think of me. If some of them cause me any trouble, I just hire the rest to beat them up." The 1890''s saw economic development, but it also saw a great economic meltdown. Men like "Boss Tweed" have also become known in history as "the Robber Barons."

Some Republicans want to restore this kind of economic anarchy. Their politicians appear to have been bought and paid for by greedy people who know that they can use anarchy as a breeding ground for their unjust profits, which leave the rich richer and the poor poorer. They spread the terrible fear of an oppressive government, knowing that the only ones who need fear anything from a just government are themselves.

Isn't it time to realize that there are some problems which only the entire American community, working as a united whole, is big enough to handle? We no longer depend on small groups of men who practice with their muskets on the village green to defend the United States. We don't depend on each individual county to build and maintain all our roads. We no longer depend on the Pony Express to deliver the mail. We shouldn't have to depend on unregulated corporations to take over our health care industry and exploit us. We need to unite as a people, and realize that we can be the government, if we get involved. We will not bully ourselves if we are the government. Otherwise, unrestrained and corrupt people will oppress us forever.

Henk Exoo

New Ulm



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