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Children matter in marriage debate

October 1, 2012
The Journal

To the editor:

The proponents of same-sex "marriage" would have us believe that marriage is all about how two adults feel for each other. It's not. It's about the well-being of children. Throughout history, there have been many types of relationships - sexual or not - among adults, but few have been called marriage. Marriage has always had an exclusive role in society. It ties mothers and fathers to their biological children and gives the children their best chance to thrive.

Not all heterosexual couples are capable of having children, but they can all provide a mother and father to the children they may take in. Same-sex couples can't do this. Men cannot be moms. Women cannot be dads. Where the definition of marriage has changed, so have the standards for adopting children. If marriage is not about children, why does this happen?

A recent study found that children of homosexual parents do worse than those raised by their married mom and dad in 25 out of 40 significant areas. These areas include academic performance, economic level, depression, drug abuse, and sexual abuse. This should be no surprise. Numerous studies of heterosexual couples have also shown that a stable marriage between the biological parents provides the best chance for children to succeed in life.

In addition to all these challenges, children raised by homosexual "parents" often have to deal with issues surrounding artificial insemination and surrogate motherhood: high rates of birth defects, no right to know their father's identity or medical history, and being treated as a commodity. Plus, gay men have a life expectancy between 8 and 20 years lower than the general population, raising the possibility a child could lose both his "fathers" early.

Children in all family structures have been hurt in states where the definition of marriage was changed. For example, Catholic Charities, one of the country's greatest advocates for children who need foster care or adoptive parents, has been forced out of the adoption business. This puts older, special-needs, and minority children at particular risk. In public schools, children in Kindergarten are being taught that same-sex relationships are no different than traditional marriage - over the objections of parents. A cross-dressing man has been a special guest in a third-grade classroom to talk about his ongoing sex change. State health departments have helped distribute homosexual pornography to high school kids. So if Minnesota changes the definition of marriage, the suffering and exploitation of children will go beyond same-sex households.

All children deserve the best start in life we can give them. All children have the right to have a loving mom and dad. If we care about children, we must support traditional marriage. Vote "Yes" for kids!

Connie Rossini

New Ulm



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