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Letter on marriage amendment sparks hateful response

September 29, 2012
The Journal

To the editor:

Since my previous letter to the editor regarding my NO sign being stolen from my yard, I've had people call me and contact me through social media thanking me for my letter. I even received a nice call from someone whose YES sign was stolen. However, I received a letter in the mail today that I felt requires a response and I have chosen to do it publicly because it is my hope that no one else who opposes the proposed marriage amendment is the subject of such angry and judgmental attention. I have italicized the letter's text and quoted it exactly as it was written to me.

Why are you so angry? The first paragraph of your letter stated "I read your article about your NO sign. It is not the sign that irritates me, it is your chosen life style. What gives you a right to push your misdirected life on others?" I don't believe I have ever met you and you obviously don't know anything about me.

"I have never met a Gay or Lesbian that doesn't have mental problems. I would love to know your story and how your mind was led to homosexuality. Was it drugs or alcohol? Was it religion?" You want to know my story? I am not gay, although I have several friends, male and female, who are. I was born in New Ulm, graduated from NUHS, attend church nearly every Sunday, was widowed at 45 when my husband died in a tragic accident, I have one son, I'll occasionally have a Grain Belt Light, but I've never done drugs.

"There is not ONE person in New Ulm with a NO sign that doesn't have some serious issues. Check them out, have a sex party and then talk stupid and go on with your miserable life. Remember, you cannot fix stupid." Everyone that I know in this town who has a Vote No sign in their yard is heterosexual and most are married. I've never been to or been invited to a sex party. Yes, I've been known to put my foot in my mouth a time or two; you got me there. I am not miserable, I lead a life of gratitude.

"You mentioned FREEDOM - you never earned the freedoms you have, the soldier gave you those freedoms. Turn your life around with psychological help and do positives work for the future of our country." No, I never served in the military but several members of my family have served this country from the US-Dakota War to the current war in Iraq. I work two jobs to support myself and to help put my son through college, so I pay income taxes. I own a home, so I pay property taxes. My tax dollars help the future of this country.

"Why don't you inform the citizens where these NO signs can be picked up rather than hiding in a closet and being dishonest like your kind is. Your sick and disgustful, Ann, a person always hopes somebody in the family cares but 95% of the time that is a failure." I will gladly tell anyone who wants a NO sign that they can be gotten at 208 S. Minnesota Ave. in St. Peter, inside the Four Seasons Mall, Monday to Friday, 9-5. You can also get a t-shirt, bumper sticker, or button at that location. I have no idea what you mean by that last line; I feel sorry for you that you have such anger in your soul.

"Take your stinking attitude and lifestyle to a place where there are many of you and enjoy life. Keep your disgusting s--- out of other peoples' lifes." I usually have a pretty good attitude towards life, even through the hardships I've endured as a widow and single mother. My family has been here since 1848 and I have no intention of leaving. I usually stay out of other people's lives, except to put a few simple signs in my front yard and a couple bumper stickers on my car stating my political and amendment choices.

I will vote NO to the marriage amendment on Nov. 6 because I believe that all people living in this state should have the same rights to marry as I do, to marry whomever they choose. Voting NO will not change anything. There is a state law banning gay marriage in this state. Although I hope that some day gays will be able to marry, voting NO does not make that happen. The state legislature would need to debate and vote on that to change the law in the future.

In response to my first letter, someone commented online that they might go out and steal a YES sign. No one should steal anything! People with signs are just publicly stating their choices, YES and NO. That is one of the great freedoms we have in this country and I would hope it's a freedom we have in this town.

Many people visit New Ulm because we have a beautiful, clean, friendly city. There are very strong feelings and emotions on both sides of this issue, but please don't dirty our city with mudslinging, cruel words, wrong assumptions, and vandalism.

Ann M. Iverson

New Ulm



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