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Vote NO on ‘Voter Restriction Amendment’

September 28, 2012
The Journal

To the editor:

This is reference the "YOUR VOTE PROBABLY DOESN'T COUNT" (my term) Amendment.

I am not sure what Mary Kiffmeyer was thinking when she dreamed this one up, but I'd guess she wasn't.

This will be a barrier to an estimated 84,000 voters in Minnesota. Many of them older American's and military personnel. My father had definite ideas and a very clear mind until he died. He hadn't had a vehicle for many, many years. No money for one in our large poor family. His physical health the last eight years in nursing home would have prevented him from traveling at all to get a voter ID card. I am sure there are many others in nursing homes and home bound in similar situation. I'll never forget when Senator Wellstone died and our military son (24 years in navy) had voted absentee ballot and no opportunity to vote again. This is not fair to people serving for us and it would happen with this amendment. Who wants to do a "provisional" vote knowing full well it almost surely not going to be counted.

A number of newspapers have came out against this already because of the high cost. Rice County has estimated there cost would be $120,000 to implement. Kittson County has estimated $730,000.1 don't know what Brown County's estimate is but folks, it is not free. The Marshall Independent had it correct:"Why are we even voting on this?" There are many more much important issues to work on.

I watched a gentleman on a TV show telling about his idea that MN has such high voter fraud. This is NOT true. MN is one of only states to track in manner he accounted for so there is nothing to compare it to. And the worst part was one could tell he honestly believed this bold faced lie he was spreading. How sad.

Check "Fact Check." The particulars of this haven't even been worked out yet and we are being asked tc vote on this and "trust' legislative branch to get it "right" after the vote. Well, I for one am not trusting them to get it right after they shut down our government for 21 days . I want to know the whole deal before I vote on something.

And yes, that was the Republicans. They admit and are proud of it. Examples: Rep Keith Downy - A shutdown is "an interesting opportunity to see what impact not having these nonessential employees has." Rep Majority Leader Matt Dean - "We won. Dayton lost." Rep Doug Wardlow - "The time for compromise is over."

A shut down is an opportunity? "We won. Dayton lost." No roads and bridges left without workers. These workers are "non-essential." When did they compromise this year? I guess I missed that day.

In place of working on two divisive unnecessary amendment to take away people's rights they might have spent time working on job creation and educating our children!

Vote NO on the Voter Restriction Amendment.

Darlene Nelson




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