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Do married couples uphold sanctity of marriage?

September 27, 2012
The Journal

To the editor:

In November, Minnesotans will vote on a proposed amendment to our state constitution defining marriage as between one woman and one man. Those in support of this amendment cite religious reasons for amending our secular constitution to be exclusionary. They provide reductio ad absurdum arguments that allowing marriage between two consenting adults irrespective of gender will somehow lead to legalization of plural marriage or marriage to animals or inanimate objects. They say that heterosexual marriages are singularly valid and must be protected for reproductive purposes. This is despite the fact that heterosexuals do not have to be able nor willing to reproduce in order to get married, nor is marriage a prerequisite for reproduction. They say that we need to pass this amendment to preserve the sanctity of marriage. It is this last argument that I would like to address because I too believe in preserving the sanctity of marriage.

I challenge us married folks to examine our own relationships before we judge the validity of the relationships of others. Are we doing our part in upholding the sanctity of marriage? Do we speak kindly to and about our spouse? Do we celebrate our spouse's happiness and share their sadness? Are we faithful to our spouse in thought and in action? Do we model a respectful relationship to those around us including our children? Do we serve our community together? Honoring the wedding vows my husband and I exchanged will do far more to protect the sanctity of our marriage than will amending our state constitution to define other peoples' unions.

The responsibility of preserving the sanctity of our marriage is ours alone.

Passing this amendment will be an important step in limiting the civil liberties of two consenting adults who wish to enjoy the 1400 state and federal rights that come with marriage because they happen to be of the same gender. Passing this amendment will not cause fewer people to be homosexual. It will not stop homosexual people from being in relationships. It will not stop homosexual people from loving.

I hope you will join me in voting no this November. And to the misguided folks who stole our Vote No yard signs on Sunday, we will replace them so thank you for your donation to Minnesotans United for All Families.

Sarah Leslie

New Ulm



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