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Hike in liquor license fees on NU Council agenda

September 18, 2012
The Journal

NEW ULM - The New Ulm City Council will meet today at 5 p.m. at City Hall.

The Council will consider setting a public hearing on whether to raise some of the City liquor license fees in 2013. The annual on-sale liquor fee would be raised $250 to $2,500, and the annual on-sale wine fee would be raised $50 to $250. Additionally, annual On-Sale 3.2 beer fees and annual Off-sale 3.2 beer fees would each be raised $50.

The agenda states that raising the fees is intended to bring New Ulm's liquor fees closer to the prices of other municipalities, particularly because the fees have remained the same since the 1990s. The City initially suggested a fee raise last year to bring all the fees current with today's cost. But, the Council ultimately decided to only raise the fees a portion of the total planned increase to allow bar owners to adjust to the changes. The suggested 2013 increase is a continuation of moving towards the total targeted fees.

The increased fee is also supposed to help the City's budgetary shortfalls by bringing the funds raised through fees closer to the cost of enforcement. The agenda states that City liquor enforcement costs $155,000 per year while the fees only bring in just over $47,000 per year.

The Council will also consider authorizing the Heritage Preservation Commission to apply for a Legacy Grant for renovations to the Kiesling House. The grant would cover most of the cost of replacing the roof and siding, and repairing the windows.



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