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Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson

September 16, 2012
The Journal

To the editor:

Since virtually NONE of the media is, I figured I would inform the citizens of New Ulm of a third party candidate for president.

Gary Johnson is the Libetarian candidate for president.He is completely different than the Republicans or Democrats who are afraid to include him in any debates or even on some ballots in some states.

He started as a door to door handyman and grew his business to 1000 employees.He was Governer of New Mexico for eight years. While governer he had 750 vetos and cut taxes 14 times NEVER raising them.

He believes in ending the war on drugs.He believes in the 2nd amendment.He believes we should stop giving money that we don't have away to other countries and rebuild our own roads, schools and hospitals first. He believes government should allow equality in marriage but also believes in protecting the rights of religious orginizations to follow their own beliefs.

So there you have it finally a person to vote for that will bring a REAL change instead of the same BS from the two parties that have done nothing but destroy this country with bickering back and forth for too many years.

Michael L. Geiger

New Ulm



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