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Expensive experiment

September 9, 2012
The Journal

Talk about sticker shock at the pump: How would you react to filling up at $27 a gallon? Disbelief? Shock? Anger, in all likelihood.

But you are just a taxpayer, not a political appointee eager to please your liberal, tax-and-spend bosses in the White House and Congress.

An entire U.S. Navy fleet was engaged in political correctness maneuvers this summer. Its ships used up $12 million in biofuels as part of an experiment in military use of alternatives to the petroleum-based fuels used normally. The biofuels cost $27 a gallon.

Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus reported in a congressional hearing that, "It works in the engines we have, it works in the ships we have.

"It is seamless," Mabus pronounced.

Incredible. Fuel now used by the Navy costs about $3.50 a gallon - nearly one-eighth the price tag of the biofuels. Yet Mabus seems eager to go along with liberals in the White House and Congress who are more interested in using the armed forces to prove their alternative energy point than to safeguard the nation.

Political correctness and social engineering are clear and present dangers to the military's effectiveness and thus, to our safety.

Mabus should be ashamed of himself - and Americans should wonder about how else he is compromising the service's effectiveness.



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