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Supporting marriage benefits state

August 25, 2012
The Journal

To the editor:

Why I support the referendum to protect marriage between a man and a woman by a constitutional amendment.

The institution of marriage is not about the people who get married.

Marriage is about producing and raising children. It is about creating a safe, stable, legal entity in which to raise the next generation. There are many ways that children get raised, but we should promote the BEST way - within a marriage.

If people want to produce children they will need to involve someone of the opposite sex. Big companies have forgotten where their customers come from. Minnesotans should not forget where the future taxpayers come from. Look to Europe and Japan to see the problems that come to countries that do not produce enough children.

The man who commits himself to marriage is legally liable to provide his money, time, and energy to feed, clothe, educate, and keep healthy the children he produces. Obviously not enough men are willing to take on these responsibilities.

The woman puts her own health and life at risk when she has children. If there is no legally bound partner she will have to provide all of the above herself, or seek help from the welfare system (us). She will be vulnerable because she will reduce her ability to work.

To have families committed to bear the costs of raising children is of great benefit to the State of Minnesota and its counties, both of whom are us, the taxpayers. The people willing to do it deserve special protection.

It is obvious to me because of the decline in the percentage of people getting married, that the State of Minnesota needs to do much more to PROMOTE marriage. The tax incentives must not be large enough!

So I urge you to support the amendment. Minnesota cannot afford not to.

Bruce Anderson




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