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Think outside the box on water tower

August 17, 2012
The Journal

To the editor:

Have you ever just sat back and thought outside the box as people say in today's world? Think of New Ulm as a box with Berlin Walls around it. For the six or seven of you RioLinda types who are always on the Internet (which I don't have nor do I have a computer) and I'm told by others criticize what I write about, Berlin is a city in Germany (New Ulm's Fatherland). Right now the City of New Ulm has an opportunity to build an item if you think outside the box which could make it a tourist attraction.

For the last few weeks citizens of our fair City have written a lot about Nehls Park Watertower. Everyone brings up good points and once again our city officials put the cart (water lines) before the horse (watertower) and got caught with their pants down in my views. What now can be done to solve this problem? Build a State of the Art Watertower!

If you were to erect such a structure in a residential section and you had problems with We The People/ Taxpayers, ask them what shape it should be first. Should it be underground with the park on top like the big multi-million water tank on 3rd North and German with grass on top or should it be above ground but in a different shape?

Watertowers don't all have to look the same, just look at the one in Rochester at the old Senneca Foods Plant that looks like an ear of corn. Look at Omaha Nebraska's Sap Brothers Truck Stop that's built to look like a coffeepot. What can we do with New Ulm's proposed tank? If I, Rick Howk, had anything to do with the Chamber of Commerce or our Visitor's Bureau, I would take this time to have a contest to ask "What design should it be?" Should it be a golfball on a tee and built at the Golf Course? Should it be a large beer barrel (Schells) and build it in back of the Golf Course in the area of the old Schells Tomato Sheds site?

I, myself, think this watertower could also be built at the Martin Luther site in the shape of 3 large crosses to be as tall as Herman so everyone around could see them.

Watertowers don't have to be big and ugly. At one time I wanted an Industrial Park built on Cty Rd 25 by the Truck Wash only less than 5 miles from the city limits, why not out there at Cty Rd 25/Hwy 15? Build it out there and maybe the brewery would build a new facility there as a bottling/labeling plant site in the future. Make the water tanks look like a giant 12 pack of cans as tall as the elevator on the corner. What a new Brown County Fair sight/Beerfest sight that would make and can you also say Bavarian Blast sight. Think outside the box people! If a former truckdriver can think of ideas like this, what could your real professionals think up in our P.U.C./City/County offices? And remember this, the city also has the power of eminent domain in which they also can take your property to build it where ever they want. Welcome to New Ulm Politics!

Rick Howk

New Ulm



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