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Ryan’s plan sparks entitlement debate

August 15, 2012
The Journal

Like him or not, Rep. Paul Ryan's selection as the Republican VP?candidate will spark a much-needed national debate on Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and government entitlement programs.

Medicare costs are quickly ballooning, driving the federal deficit. It will only get worse as the Baby Boomers retire and sign up for the program. The ship of state is bound to capsize sooner or later in this ocean of debt.

Ryan's budget plan, derided by Democrats, calls for revamping Medicare for those under 55, giving them a government subsidy to buy health insurance rather than have the government pay directly for services.

Instead of flat-out rejecting his budget balancing ideas, opponents should come up with their own ideas for dealing with this situation. Simply carrying on as if everything will be all right isn't going to fix the problem.

Whoever has the best ideas should be allowed to put them into practice in the White House and the halls of Congress.



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