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Ryan a sound choice

August 13, 2012
The Journal

GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney announced Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate on Saturday. It is a solid choice, one that enocurages the conservatives in the Republican Party who have been cool to Romney throughout the campaign.

Ryan, the House Budget Committee Chairman, is the author of the government-slashing budget proposal that carries his name, a plan that would reduce the national deficit in part through long-term entitlement reform.

It is a plan that Republicans love, but Democrats hate. As a congressman, even as the head of the Budget Committee, Ryan stood little chance of getting his plan through congress, let alone past President Barack Obama's veto pen.

With his selection, Romney is signifying his support for that kind of budgeting. He is sure to make Ryan a top adviser on budget matters and deficit reduction in a Romney Administration.

The selection of Ryan is not a timid move. It will energize Democrats, who are happy to make Ryan's budget plan an issue in the campaign ahead. They will be sure to trumpet what this plan would do to Medicare and Social Security and call the Republicans unfeeling toward the average taxpayer, interested only in preserving their own wealth.

They will ignore, of course, the danger of allowing our runaway federal deficit to gallop toward the edge of the fiscal abyss that awaits if Obama remains in the White House.



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