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Protect rights of everyone

August 10, 2012
The Journal

To the editor:

In reply to Mary Thom's Aug. 2 letter:

The laws of this country are based on freedom for everyone from bias and prejudicial treatment.

You are proposing law that supports your moral views, with disregard to others. You are free to teach your moral views to your own children, in your home and at your church as others are free to do the same. You are not however, guaranteed that your children, will continue to share your views as adults.

The children today, as always, are growing up in a society made up of individuals with many conflicting views. They will be exposed to many lifestyles that differ from their own background.

Perhaps, the most important lesson you can pass on to your children, is that all the laws of this country should be without bias, for the good of everyone. Freedom of choice! This ensures our own right to make personal choices.

Mrs. Thom, is it not the same freedom that allows us to write letters to the editor of our local newspaper and share our views with others?

With that in mind, if we want to continue to make our own personal choices, we need to vote to ensure laws are in place to protect the rights of everyone!

Linda Bolduan

New Ulm



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