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Assad’s enablers

August 6, 2012
The Journal

The situation in Syria is getting no better, despite the UN's best diplomatic efforts. Last weeek former UN Secretary Genera Kofi Annan resigned from his efforts to forge a truce after Syria broke cease-fire after cease-fire.

Friday the UN General Assembly passed a largely symbolic resolution denouncing the administration of Syrian President Basher Assad for its continued war on dissenters. A resolution with teeth in it would have to come from the UN Security Council, where Russia and China, Syria's aiders and abbetors in this long, tragic drama, continue to veto any resolution that might sanction Syria with more than words.

On Saturday, Chinese officials had the nerve to blame the crisis on the western nations, especially the U.S., for advocting that Assad step down.

Russia is Syria's ally, while China claims it simply wants to respect the will of the Syrian people.

So far, 19,000 Syrian people have died in the war to stifle dissent and criticism of Assad. Many more will die, as Syria was preparing over the weekend to "deal a decisive blow" against rebel forces in the city of Aleppo.

The Russians and Chinese are like the buddies of the bully who's beating up on a little kid, standing on the sidelines and telling everyone else, "Hey, it's a fair fight, let them fight it out."

The blood of Syrian people is on their hands, too.



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