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Romney should take care of distractions

August 5, 2012
The Journal

Mitt Romney has let the issue of his tax returns go on for far too long. Challenged to release his tax returns of more than two years, Romney has refused, leading to speculation that he has something to hide, that he has paid a very small rate of taxes for a man of his wealth, or paid no taxes at all, as Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has insinuated.

As president Barack Obama learned with questions about his birth certificate, the longer you try to ignore an issue like this, the bigger it becomes.

Romney can pop the balloon on this issue by releasing the returns. In a campaign when he is being portrayed as out of touch with middle class taxpayers, where independent analysis shows his tax plan would increase taxes on the middle class while lowering taxes for the wealthiest, it would be reassuring to voters to see that Romney has paid his fair share.

The longer he puts it off, the greater the speculation that he hasn't.



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