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Save the park

July 27, 2012
The Journal

To the editor:

The Journal of 7-25-2012 announced plans by the PUC to place a water storage tank in Nehl's Park. There are things about this that bother me.

1) Presently Nehl's park is heavily used by many people: children play in this park, walkers and runners exercise, and Frisbee disk golf is going on regularly. The Frisbee course is especially heavily used and prized by many throughout the city. Did someone assume that Nehl's Park is not of any value as it is? There has been no information on how the park will be used after the storage tank is built there.

2) What will be the impact on the values of existing houses in the already established neighborhood? We need information on the esthetics of this tank - or is it a tower?

3) Where is the information on other sites? Is there really no place available in the developing area north of Highland with an acceptable distance from the airport. Furthermore, why not build the new tank next to the leaking tower?

4) Where is the participation of the people in picking the location? Does the City Council have a voice in the location or will they just accept the PUC recommendation?

5) Is part of this the price we will pay for having Menard's come to town?

Presently there is a lack of information on this project. With what I know I have to urge the City Council to do much more study: very careful study that considers the value of what we already have.

Paul Boehlke

New Ulm



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