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Information on voter fraud

July 26, 2012
The Journal

To the editor:

This letter is in response to Kristine Paulson of Hanska, who requested sources of information on voter fraud in Minnesota.

1. PR Newswire United Business Media:?MN leads the Nation in Voter Fraud Convictions


3. www.protectmyvote. com/?page_id=875

4. Voter ID laws are about Confidence and Integrity by Diane Ruffins (6/25/12)

5. The Reality of Voter Fraud Voter fraud

6. How rare is voter fraud

7. For information on Voter Fraud Convictions, contact John Kostourosa at

Check out these youtube reports:

1. Vouching Fraud in Minnesota Elections

2. Rep. Downey Exposes Secretary of State Ritchie Lies on Voter ID

3. Tim Tebow and Tom Brady register to vote in Minnesota

I'm also including a list of places or times where photo IDs are required:

Library; Social Security Office; Medical Clinics; Drive a car; Get married; Buy Liquor or cigarettes; Enter a federal building; Gun shop; Banks; Register for School; Pawn Shop; Using a credit card; Rent a video; Court; DMV; Airports; Pharmacy; Donating blood; Pick up FedEX; Rentals of cars, boats, etc.; Voting in Union elections; ACT/SAT Tests (new regulation).

I hope this information will help Kristine Paulson and others to make an informed vote on Photo IDs in November. We have the privilege in this great country to vote - let's try to clean up the fraud!

Jane Downs

New Ulm



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