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Obama not proud of America

July 23, 2012
The Journal

To the editor:

I wish Obama would learn to be proud to be an American! Obama does not like nor respect this great country he is hell-bent on fundamentally changing this great country! And everything we love about her!

Our Constitution!

Bill of Rights!

Freedom of Religion?

First and Second Amendments (Research "Fast and Furious) and what Obama's hiding about this scandal.

Are we the people so dumb (cover of Jan. 23, 2012 Newsweek where we are referred to being dumb/stupid)?

This election 2012 is not about Democrat/Republican, it's about your country and where you want it to go/to be!

If you want to destroy all that we have built the last 200 years vote for a Democrat and you take for granted it's happening every day under Obama. Ask any small business/farmer what Obama's/Walz's policies are doing to their business. It would alarm you!

According to a speech this past week by Obama, you are nothing on your own. You need Obama to tell you how to run your business/farm/raise your children/feed your family/car you drive.

The list is endless, oh yes and the doctor you see and when you will die (when health care starts being rationed under Obamacare)!

Obama's speeches are reprehensible when speaking to we proud Americans.

We are "not" dumb nor stupid as he thinks we are!

Korie Langbehn




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