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Public notices, July 22, 2012

July 22, 2012
The Journal


(July 22, 2012)

Advertisement for Bids

Sealed bids may be

delivered to the Office

of the City

Clerk-Treasurer, Muni-

cipal Building, located

at 100 North Broad-

way, New Ulm, Min-

nesota 56073 prior to

the 10:00 A.M. bid

opening on


15th day of AUGUST,

2012. The City will

publicly open and read

all bids received by the

City Clerk-Treasurer

immediately thereafter

for the furnishing of all

labor, tools, equip-

ment, materials and

every other article or

thing necessary for the

complete construction

of the following im-

provement, to-wit:




Work includes road-

way improvements &

flood hazard mitigation

improvements to the

washout area of Cot-

tonwood Street within

the City limits of New

Ulm, Minnesota

All bids must be

sealed and marked

"Cottonwood Street

Repair & Mitigation"

and each and every

proposal must be ac-

companied by a cash

deposit, cashier's

check, bid bond or cer-

tified check for not

less than five percent

(5%) of the amount of

such bid, payable to

the City, to be forfeit-

ed to the City in case

the successful bidder

fails to enter into con-

tract and to furnish sa-

tisfactory bond within

ten (10) days after ac-

ceptance of such bid.

The bid will remain

subject to acceptance

for 45 days after the

day of bid opening.

The City reserves the

right to reject any and

all bids.

The Plans and specifi-

cations prepared by

the City Engineer are

on file and may be ex-

amined at the City

Engineer's Office.

Complete digital pro-

ject plans and specifi-

cations are available at or

You may download the

digital plan documents

for $15.00 by imputting

Quest project

#2123657 on the

website's Project

Search page. Please

contact at

952-233-1632 or

for assistance in free

membership registra-

tion, downloading, and

working with this digi-

tal project information.

An optional paper set

of the plans and

specifications may be

obtained at the Office

of the City Engineer,

100 North Broadway,

New Ulm, Minnesota

56073. A

non-refundable pay-

ment of $30.00, which

includes applicable

sales tax and shipping,

will be required for

each paper set of

plans and specifica-

tions issued.

Approximate quantities

of work include: 1,015

CY Common Excava-

tion; 50 CY Common

Borrow; 476 TONS Ag-

gregate Base; 210

TONS Bituminous

Pavement; 860 CY Rip




Brian D. Gramentz

City Manager

Dated at New Ulm,

MInnesota this 3rd day

of July, 2012


(July 22, 24, 2012)

SECTION 00 1113




1.01 The Owner

(hereinafter referred

to as City of New


A. City of New Ulm

B. 100 North Broad-

way (Finance

Director's Office)

C. New Ulm, MN


1.02 And the Archi-

tect (hereinafter re-

ferred to as Brunton

Architects, Ltd.):

A. Brunton architects,


B. 225 Belgrade Ave-


C. North Mankato,

Minnesota, 56003

1.03 DATE: July 17,




A. Your firm is invited

to submit an offer

under seal to City of

New Ulm for construc-

tion of a park shelter

renovation located at

Harman Park, 101

North Garden Street,

New Ulm, Minnesota

before 2 pm local stan-

dard time on the 13th

day of August, 2012,

for the following pro-


B. Project Description:

1. Construction of re-

novations at the Har-

man Park shelter build-

ing in New Ulm, Min-

nesota. The project

will include selective

demolition, concrete

footings and floors,

doors and windows,

roofing, plumbing,

HVAC, electrical, and

general construction

for the park shelter re-


C. The bids will need

to be delivered to the

City of New Ulm lo-

cated at the address

listed above, on or be-

fore the expiration

deadline and time list-

ed above. The bids will

be opened publicly and

promptly at 2:00 pm

CST. The bid results

will be posted on the

Brunton Architects


D. Bid Documents for

a Stipulated Sum con-

tract may be obtained

from the office of the

Architect, Brunton Ar-

chitects, Ltd upon re-

ceipt of a

non-refundable depo-

sit, by cash, in the

amount of $75 for one


E. Bid Documents

may also be download-

ed from the website of

Brunton Architects,

Ltd. at no charge at



com/files. Contact

Brunton Architects at

507-386-7996 upon

downloading the docu-

ments to be included

on the plan holders


F. Bidders will be re-

quired to provide Bid

security in the form of

a Bid Bond of a sum

no less than 5 percent

of the Bid Amount.

G. Refer to other bid-

ding requirements

described in Document

00 2113 - Instructions

to Bidders.

H. Submit your offer

on the Bid Form pro-

vided. Bidders may

supplement this form

as appropriate.

I. Your offer will be re-

quired to be submitted

under a condition of ir-

revocability for a

period of 30 days after


J. The Owner reserves

the right to accept or

reject any or all offers.





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