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Your Medicare editorial

July 17, 2012
The Journal

To the editor:

Do you really expect your readers to believe that "one reason many conservatives in the House of Representatives want to repeal the health care law is their concern for Medicare cuts."? (Journal editorial, Friday, July 13.) Do you even believe it yourself?

Please remember that the 2013 budget passed by the Republican-controlled House of Representatives this spring - the so-called "Ryan budget plan"-would cut Medicare growth by over $800 billion over the next ten years-way more than the $500 billion in cuts in growth laid out in the Affordable Care Act that supposedly have your conservatives crying in their beer.

Let's face it, conservatives know people like Medicare. And pretending to protect Medicare while working to convert it to a private insurance plan paid for with "premium support" - that's vouchers in plainspeak - well, that's just plain underhanded. But that's the Republican plan. Bet they won't be putting that in any ads.

Mark Beito

Sleepy Eye



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