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Would Reuters admit bias?

July 17, 2012
The Journal

To the editor:

In Saturday's Journal (7/14) I read with interest that Thomson Reuters was against the proposed marriage amendment in Minnesota.

Even more fascinating was NYU's Jay Rosen who said that there was "no problem" with a large media company taking a position on a controversial social issue. According to Rosen, an expert on media ethics, "If they'd come out and said, we're against this amendment and that's the way we're going to edit the news - that would be different."

Does Prof. Rosen actually expect us to believe that if a large media company intended to bias their news broadcasts that they would publicly admit it? I can only conclude that either Jay Rosen is an idiot or he thinks that we are idiots. I assure you that the ber-liberal faculty at NYU would blow their collective head gaskets if Reuters announced that they supported our amendment!

Brian Wels

Ames, Iowa



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