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Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down

July 7, 2012
The Journal

Keep your cool, but stay safe

SIDEWAYS THUMB: Record-setting heat has been hanging around Minnesota this week, pushing people inside for air-conditioned comfort, or out to beaches and lakes for some cool swimming.

One result of this is an increase in the number of drownings in Minnesota. At least 25 people drowned in non-boating incidents in Minnesota this year as of July 1. Last year there were 13 drownings the entire year.

We hope people will stay safe as they stay cool around the water this year. Don't mix alcohol and swimming; know the limits of your swimming ability and don't try to exceed them, and don't leave kids to swim unsupervised.

Lifelong Learning

THUMBS UP: The old adage, "you can't teach an old dog new tricks" doesn't really apply to people. One should never be too old to lose one's curiosity and willingness to learn something new.

CAST?in New Ulm is developing a new lifelong learning program, Community and Seniors Together Learning Environment, or CASTLE. The program will offer participants three six-week terms where they can study things like aviation, history, film and literature. The cost is $95 per year, but the joy of learning something new is, as the credit card ad says, "priceless."

If you want to learn more, call CASTLE?at 354-3212.

Was snub accidental?

THUMBS DOWN: The continuing saga of the Marktplatz Mall got another chapter this week when the New Ulm City Council voted to pursue gaining control of the Marktplatz Mall sign that sits in the city's parking lot on Broadway. The ten-year-old sign agreement had lapsed and the city said it had not heard from owners about negotiating a new agreement.

At the meeting, Randy Danielson, owner of one portion of the mall, apparently tried to approach the council to comment, but never got the chance as one councilor's comments were followed by another's motion and a vote.

We don't know if the snub was accidental or intentional, but the city council should take special pains to hear from the public at its meetings.



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