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Public Notices, June 7, 2012

June 7, 2012
The Journal


(June 7, 2012)



BackPressure Steam


New Ulm Public Util-

ities Commission

Notice is hereby given

that sealed Bids will be

received by the New

Ulm Public Utilities

Commission until 2:00

pm on Thursday, July

12, 2012 at the office

of the City Manager at

100 North Broadway in

New Ulm, Minnesota,

at which time they will

be publicly opened and

read aloud, for the fur-

nishing of all labor and

material for the Power

Plant Back Pressure

Steam Turbine.

Description of Work:

The New Ulm Public

Utilities Commission

(NUPUC) provides

electricity and thermal

energy in the form of

steam to its residential

and commercial custo-

mers. Currently,

steam is generated at

400 psig and 700F

then reduced in pres-

sure to two (2) steam

headers at 140 psig

and 10 psig. NUPUC

is investigating oppor-

tunities to improve the

utilization of generated

steam prior to delivery

to the local


Initial consideration is

to supply and install a

BackPressure Steam

Turbine and Generator

system, including tur-

bine and generator,

control systems, lubri-

cation oil system,

cooling system, exci-

tation system, voltage

control and regulation

system, generator

monitoring, protection,

and synchronizing sys-

tem, all instrumenta-

tion and controls for a

fully operational sys-

tem, associated field

supervision and labor,

and startup and train-

ing services.

As an alternative to

providing a new back-

pressure steam tur-

binegenerator, there is

an opportunity to con-

vert an existing, con-

densing steam tur-

binegenerator (desig-

nated as Unit No. 3) to

a backpressure steam

turbine that may be

suitable to achieve the

objectives after modifi-

cations are imple-


Electronic Bid Docu-

ments may be ob-

tained by contacting

the NUPUC Electric

Production Department

at (507) 359-8264

between the hours of

8:00 AM and 4:30 PM

Central Time. The

bidder shall submit the

proposal on the forms

provided. The proposal

shall be filled in clearly

and correctly with ink

or typewriter. The pro-

posal shall be signed

in ink by the individual,

members of the

partnership, or by one

or more officers of the

corporation making the


A Pre-Bid Conference

will be held at the NU-

PUC Power Plant at

310 First North Street

on Thursday, June 28

at 10:00 AM. Atten-

dance at the Pre-Bid

Conference is manda-

tory by prospective

bidders. The Pre-Bid

Conference will be at-

tended by NUPUC

personnel and en-

gineering consultant

Sargent and Lundy


No proposal will be ac-

cepted unless accom-

panied by a certified

check or bid bond for

at least five percent

(5%) of the amount of

the proposal, payable

to the Owner as a

guarantee that if the

proposal is accepted,

the Bidder will execute

and file the required

proper contract and

performance bond

within five (5) days

after award of the

Contract. Bid and per-

formance bonds shall

be issued by a surety

company licensed to

do business in the

State of Minnesota.

The certified checks of

all except the two (2)

lowest bidders will be

returned within five (5)

days of the opening of

the bids, and bid

bonds will be canceled

as soon as the perfor-

mance bond and con-

tract are signed. If

after five (5) days, the

Successful Bidder

shall fail to comply

with the provisions of

the Contract Docu-

ments, the bid bond

shall be forfeited to the

Owner as liquidated

damages. The bid,

agreement, and bonds

shall be conditioned

upon compliance with

all provisions of the bid


Questions and in-

quiries shall be direct-

ed to:

Patrick Wrase, P.E.

Utilities Planning and

Development Engineer

New Ulm Public Utili-


310 First North Street

New Ulm, MN 56073

(507) 359-8264 office

(507) 354-7318 fax

The owner reserves

the right to reject any

or all bids, to waive

any informality in a

bid, and to make

awards in the interest

of the owner.


(June 7, 2012)






RUNWAY 15/33







NO. A0801-64

Sealed bid proposals

for the Runway 15/33

Reconstruction and

Extension (Phase lll) at

the New Ulm Munici-

pal Airport will be re-

ceived by the City

Clerk at the City Hall

Council Chambers,

100 North Broadway,

New Ulm, Minnesota

56073, until 10:00 AM

on Thursday, June 28,

2012, and will be pub-

licly opened and read

aloud immediately

thereafter by the City

Clerk. The bids and

the responsibility of

the bidders will be con-

sidered publicly by the

City Council at 5:00

PM on Tuesday, July

3, 2012 at City Hall,

100 North Broadway,

New Ulm, Minnesota.

The Owner will con-

vene a pre-bid confer-

ence at 10:00 AM on

Thursday, June 21,

2012, at the New Ulm

Municipal Airport Ter-

minal Building Confer-

ence Room.

The work for the Run-

way 15/33 Recon-

struction and Exten-

sion (Phase III) shall

be in accordance with

the drawings and

specifications prepared

by Mead & Hunt, Inc.

Approximate quantities

of major items on

which bids will be re-

ceived include:

Schedule 1

Bituminous Surface

Course 9,650 TON

Seeding 5 ACRE

Schedule 2


Windcone 1 LS

5,000 Volt Cable, No.

8 31,500 LF

Medium Intensity Run-

way Lights 54 EA

Precision Approach

Path Indicator 2 SET

Runway End Identifier

Lights 1 SET

Schedule 3

MALSF Approach

Lighting System 1 LS

Schedule 4

Runway and Taxiway

Painting 25,752 SF

Each bid must be ac-

companied by a certi-

fied check, cash, mo-

ney order or bid bond

for at least five per-

cent (5%) of the

amount of the bid,

made payable to the

city of New Ulm,

which amount shall be

forfeited as liquidated

damages if the bidder,

upon the letting of the

contract to him, shall

fail to enter into the

contract so let.

The 5% Bid Security of

the three lowest

bidders will be retained

until the contract is ex-

ecuted, but in no event

longer than 90 days,

provided that the Bid

Security of the lowest

responsible bidder

shall be retained in any

event until the contract

is executed and

Contractor's Bonds

furnished as herein

provided. No bidder

shall, without the con-

sent of the City, with-

draw his bid for a

period of 90 days after

the date for the open-

ing thereof. The bid of

the lowest responsible

bidder will be accepted

on or before the ex-

piration of 90 days

after the date of the

opening of bids.

The City Council

reserves the right to

reject any and all bids

and to waive irregulari-

ties and informalities

therein and further

reserves the right to

award the contract to

the best interests of

the City.

Plans and specifica-

tions are on file for in-

spection with the City

of New Ulm Engineer-

ing Department, 100

North Broadway, New

Ulm, Minnesota

56073; at the office of

Mead & Hunt, Inc.,

7900 West 78th

Street, Suite 370, Min-

neapolis, Minnesota

55439, (952) 941-5619

(ph), (952) 941-5622

(fax); and local

Builder's Exchanges.

Contractors desiring

plans and specifica-

tions for personal use

may purchase them

from Mead & Hunt,

Inc., 7900 West 78th

Street, Suite 370, Min-

neapolis, Minnesota

55439, (952) 941-5619,

(952) 941-5622 (fax),

upon a $75

non-refundable deposit

for each set of plans

and specifications.

Complete digital pro-

ject bidding documents

are available at

you may download the

digital plan documents

for $25.00 by inputting

Quest project

#2050538 on the

website's Project

Search page. Those

wishing to download

the bidding documents

electronically do so at

their own risk for com-

pleteness of the bid-

ding documents.

Please contact at

952-233-1632 or

for assistance in free

membership registra-

tion, downloading, and

working with this digi-

tal project information.

The following Federal

Provisions apply to

this bid proposal:

*Buy American Prefer-

ences for construction

contracts (Title 49 US

Code, Chapter 501)

*The provisions of 49

CFR Part 30 - Denial

of Public Works Con-

tracts to Suppliers of

Goods and Services of

Counties That Deny

Procurement Market

Access to U.S. Con-

tractors (Foreign Trade


*Minimum wage rates

to be paid laborers and

mechanics have been

determined by the

U.S. Department of

Labor (DOL Regulation

29 CFR Part 5) and

are listed in the Spe-

cial Provisions of the

project specifications.

The Contractor will be

required to comply

with the wage and la-

bor requirements and

to pay minimum

wages in accordance

with the schedule of

wage rates.

*This contract is sub-

ject to the provisions

of Executive Order

11246 DOL Regulation

41 CFR Part 60 - Affir-

mative Action to In-

sure Equal Employ-

ment Opportunity.

*U.S. Department of

Transportation Regula-

tions 49 CFR Part 26 -

Disadvantaged Busi-

ness Enterprise Parti-


*The contractor shall

comply with the re-

quirements of 49 CFR

Part 29, Government

Department and

Suspension and

Government Require-

ments for Drug-Free


The specific require-

ments for the above

Federal Provisions are

incorporated by refer-

ence and are included

in the Part 3 - Provi-

sions section of these


The successful bidder

will be required to sub-

mit a Certification of

Nonsegregated Facili-

ties and to notify pros-

pective subcontractors

of the requirement for

such certification

where the subcontract

exceeds $10,000.

The bidder shall make

good faith efforts, as

defined in Appendix A

of 49 CFR Part 26,

Regulations of the Of-

fice of Secretary of

Transportation, to

2.79% of the total dol-

lar value of the prime

contract to small busi-

ness concerns owned

and controlled by so-

cially and economically

disadvantaged indivi-

duals (Disadvantaged

Business Enterprises

(DBEs). The apparent

successful bidder will

be required to submit

information concerning

the DBE's that will par-

ticipate in this con-

tract. The information

shall include the name

and address of each

DBE, a description of

the work to be per-

formed by each named

firm, and the dollar

value of the contract.

If the bidder fails to

achieve the contract

goal stated herein, it

will be required to pro-

vide documentation

demonstrating that it

made good faith ef-

forts in attempting to

do so. A bid that fails

to meet these re-

quirements will be con-



Published upon order

of the City Council for

the City of New Ulm,

MN on this 5th day of

June, 2012.


(June 7, 14 2012)



Brown County High-

way Department will

be applying herbicide

to the right-of-way of

County roads to con-

trol the growth of noxi-

ous weeds. Anyone

wishing NOT to have a

specific road ditch

sprayed needs to com-

plete a Non Spray Ap-

plication which can be

obtained by contacting

the Brown County

Highway Department

at 507-233-5700, or

printing and completing

the form off the Brown

County Web site:





landowners/rentals do

not respond, we will

assume it is accept-

able to spray. The ap-

plication is planned to

begin June 18, 2012



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