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Historic horse, historic site, historic city

June 1, 2012
The Journal

To the editor:

To all the citizens of New Ulm, regarding Chammy, the horse on Payne Street, I want us to all take a hard look at our history here in America and closer yet, in a rural community like New Ulm.

Horses are our history; not so long ago they pulled milk carts and beer wagons through these very streets on a daily basis and were stabled comfortably close to their jobs. City stables have become a thing of the past, but here in New Ulm, there is still a horse.

I just had the opportunity to meet Dr. Hintz, who was very hospitable and I was given a tour of Chammy's stable. Not only is this horse a pleasant and historic piece of New Ulm but also the quaint 1940s stable where he lives as well. It is not the usual horse stable you see around even in the country these days, but rather a step back in time.

(In a stable) originally set up to house around four horses, Dr. Hintz is only keeping a single friendly equine as a pet, companion and I must say as a treasure for our city. Regardless of any past issues or ordinances put into effect, I believe that Chammy should be grandfathered in and allowed to live out his remaining days at peace in the only home he likely remembers with the family that loves him.

The city should not be evicting this beautiful and gentle old creature, we should give him the chance to have a happy retirement in his paddock on Payne Street hill. If the manure is an issue (and one horse does not make that much in a two week period) perhaps it could be piled in a better spot to keep neighbors happier between times when it is hauled away. I would go so far as to recommend that the Hintz stable itself also be treated as a historic site as the last remaining horse stable in New Ulm. This elderly horse and his home should be treated as a historical treasure within our community and given that respect.

This is not an issue of someone adding a horse stable or cattle or llamas to some new location in town. We all know that most often is not generally part of the deal when you live in a city. This is the last remaining city stable in New Ulm, something many towns don't even have a chance anymore to preserve. It is a look into our past in a town that generally displays its history with so much pride. Chammy the horse and the Hintz stable fit in perfectly with the Wanda Gag House, Schell's Brewery, the New Ulm Battery and the town's other historic charms.

I highly recommend for all of you who agree and want to keep Chammy in his home to go up to visit him and sign the petition to keep him there and please call your City Council members, let them know how you feel about him. Chammy and the Hintz stable are city treasures!

Veleda Cordes

New Ulm



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