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How bad does Syria have to get?

June 1, 2012
The Journal

The situation in Syria has been bad for a long time, with the Syrian government using its military to crack down violently on citizen dissent and criticism of its loathsome regime.

The situation reached a new low last weekend when Syrian forces, in an attack verified by UN observers, slaughtered 108 citizens in the village of Houla in the Homs province, shelling the village with tanks while citizens slept, then sending pro-regime fighters in to go house to house, where they rounded up and killed innocent men, women and children.

Attacks continue, despite a so-called "cease fire" in which the Syrian government agreed to halt the attacks.

In the face of international revulsion, the Assad government denied involvement, claiming it was terrorists adn rebels trying to make them look bad.

At what point will an international coalition be put together to protect the citizens of Syria, as was done in Libya? Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said Thursday that would require the consent of Russia and China, which is unlikely.

We fear the suffering and persecution of the Syrian people will have to become a lot worse before anyone takes action to intervene.



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