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Chammy helps make our town unique

May 26, 2012
The Journal

To the editor:

I would like to address the "problem" of the horse on the hill. Ever since I was little I would go to my grandparent's house up there and me and my grandma would walk down to see the horse and bring it treats. I am now 17 and I have never once heard that horse make a loud sound. So if the issue is noise, I beg to differ.

As far as the manure issue goes, a farmer comes to pick it up every two weeks and I never even smelled the stuff. The manure doesn't do any harm to the environment and farm animals are part of our heritage and culture.

If we put this "ever so big issue" into perspective, Chammy is no more of a problem then a pet dog. Dogs defecate in other people's yards and are extremely loud at times. This horse is more of a fun experience for the people of this town than a problem.

If you go by majority, I would say the majority of people in New Ulm would vote to keep the horse around. It is part of what makes our town unique, interesting and charming. If the horse was a wild nuisance I wouldn't argue the fact that it needed to go, but it is a harmless creature. Chammy has been here longer than a lot of us and I will fight to keep him around.

Caitlyn Otto

New Ulm



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