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Let city take look at horse issue

May 25, 2012
The Journal

It is all to easy to boo the villain in a melodramatic situation like the city "evicting" Chammy, an elderly Tennessee Walking horse owned by Dr. Charles Hintz and housed for the past 20 years in a corral in front of Hintz's home on South Payne Street.

But lets not take it out on city officials. Someone complained about Hintz keeping a horse in a city residential area; city officials looked to the city ordinance covering the situation and found the rules say Chammy should be moved somewhere else. It's hard to fault them for following the rules.

Chammy, of course, has a multitude of fans who protest this move. They love going to visit this gentle horse, and taking their children and grandchildren to see him and offer him a carrot or an apple.

This is a situation where hard and fast adherence to the rules may not be necessary. Is it possible for someone from the city to see if some better arrangement can be worked out? Is it possible for the complainant's objections to be addressed without removing the horse? Could the city grant a waiver, setting conditions regarding manure, odor, and so on?

If this is possible, we hope it can be accomplished.



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