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Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down

May 19, 2012
The Journal

Nice of govs to visit

THUMBS UP: The John Lind House has a nice fundraising idea going with its "Cocktails with the Governor." John Lind, of course, was the only Minnesota governor from New Ulm, and his home is being maintained and restored bya the Lind House Association.

So each year, the association hosts a cocktail party, inviting a past Minnesota governor to be the guest of honor and meet with people. This past week, former Gov. Tim Pawlenty was the guest. Given his recent unsuccessful bid for president and his short time out of office, he had a lot of interesting things to say about the state and national political scene.

The Lind House has had almost every living ex-governor, from Wendell Anderson, to Arne Carlson, to Pawlenty. It has even hosted a former US Senator, Dave Durenberger, and US Congressman, Tim Penny. The only living former governor not to accept the invitation is Jesse Ventura. We suppose he's too busy looking for conspiracies to expose to make the trip to New Ulm.

Highway 14 still out in the cold

THUMBS DOWN: At a meeting in Mankato this week, the Minnesota Department of Transportation talked about its Corridor Investment Management Strategy, a plan for getting the most benefit for its limited funds for highway repair and maintenance. Unfortunately, it still seems that the dangerous Highway 14 situation is still out in the cold.

MnDOT can't really be faulted for trying to make its inadequate funding stretch as far as possible, but someone, somewhere, who has the power to raise funds for transportation (i.e. the Legislature), has to realize the folly of putting people in danger every day as they drive on Highway 14.

Joy for java lovers

THUMBS UP: Coffee lovers everywhere must be rejoicing this week. A massive study by the National Cancer Institute indicates that drinking coffee is not hazardous to one's health. In fact, coffee drinkers tend to live a little longer. It's not established that the coffee is the reason for their longevity, but the proof is in - it couldn't hurt.

Slowly but surely, many of the things we have been told to avoid are turning out to be not only not hazardous, but even helpful in moderation - dark chocolate, a glass of red wine, and now coffee.

In another 20 years, maybe prime rib will be considered a health food. We can only hope.



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