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We’ll warm up to new stadium

May 15, 2012
The Journal

Gov. Mark Dayton signed the Vikings stadium bill on Monday, to applause from fans, and jeers from a small group of protestors.

Minnesotans who feel the state should be doing more for schools, colleges and the poor will continue to resent the stadium unless the state does start taking better care of schools, colleges and the poor. In order for that to happen, the economy is going to have to grow, and for the economy to grow Minnesota will have to be able to compete with other states for business expansion and jobs.

There are a lot of factors that need to come together for Minnesota to grow jobs - a fair tax climate, good infrastructure (especially technological infrastructure), good health care, good schools, and the ephemeral "Quality of Life."

The Vikings stadium will provide lots of jobs while it is being built. It will keep a lot of high-income taxpayers working in the state. And we hope it will provide a great deal of community pride and bolster the state's image.

People's resentment of the stadium will fade as it is built, especially if the Vikings become more competitive. But it will help if the state can show that it is willing and able to take care of the more important issues facing us.



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