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Why no parking on grass by soccer fields?

May 3, 2012
The Journal

To the editor:

To Park &?Rec Director Tom Schmitz:

I am a U8 coach for the NUYSA. It is my understanding that it was the city of New Ulm that barricaded the grass to prevent parking on the grass next to the soccer fields along County Rd. 27.

Why? The city's main concern should be the safety of it's residents. Did we not just spend a ton of money redesigning street corners so that they beep for people who are blind and can cross the road safely?

Why do you then put parents and children at risk who now must park and cross Cty Rd 27?

I did this today and held my daughter's hand tight because the curve of the road and the parked cars on the street made it difficult to see cars that may have been coming.

As we entered our car, a car sped past and all I could think was "Why can we not park in the grass?"

This is a huge mistake that the city has made. I hope that no one gets hit by a car. If that happens, this story will make it to CNN news I promise you that and the lawsuits that ensue will be costly.

I speak for all of the parents and all of their children who just want to play soccer and feel safe doing so.

Our next session is on Thursday and I would like to see those barricades removed.

This would be the headline in The Journal "City Does the Right Thing and Allows Parking on the Grass Again."

It is up to you now Tom to make the city a safe place to live and play. If you do not have the power personally, talk to the people who do and fix it.

Joseph Anselmo

New Ulm



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