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Take Highway 14 issue nationwide

April 30, 2012
The Journal

To the editor:

What if you were asked which way should we go on Highway 14 to try to get this road rebuilt or updated, what would you say? That question was asked of me just lately by a member of the Highway 14 Commission and here was my reply. First of all, let me say thanks for asking. Highway 14 has a problem and what is it? Nobody knows of it in this State except for those of us who use it.

Now if you had a problem getting something done and nobody else knew there was a problem or there was a potential problem wouldn't you show them in pictures or stats? Don't just preach to the choir locally, go statewide or even nationally.

I do not know how much of a budget you have and it really is none of my business so it probably has to be done with donated money, so first of all remember Highway 14 goes a long way, it just doesn't stop at New Ulm, it goes and connects with Wall, South Dakota and I'll bet none of you have ever heard of Wall Drug. This Commission should involve all cities from Rochester to Wall, South Dakota. These cities along this route if it was improved would prosper, including New Ulm, so think larger, not just your 24 miles, think approximately 500 miles. If you wanted a 500 mile stretch of road built, go to the Federal Government, not just our State people and try to reopen the issue calling it the proposed 1-92 Corridor! Just like the Federal Government is doing with 1-69 from Texas to Michigan to Canada. The Highway 14 (1-92 Corridor) would help commerce in the Midwest, help tourism, save lives/money/fuel.

When the New Administration takes over next year (I hope), a proposed Highway Program such as this would definitely be a Jobs Program that would work. Locally, to get people involved, advertise on billboards showing major accidents due to the road conditions, create a Picket Campaign showing pickets or crosses along the route showing where accidents/deaths/injuries happened along Highway 14. Erect signs showing how many deaths/injuries/accidents have happened along a 25 mile stretch of road and change the numbers every time something happens. Start a T-Shirt and bumper sticker campaign explaining how "You Survived Highway 14" between Mankato and New Ulm, and sell them on-line or at fairs/festivals/ Chamber of Commerce.

If you want this thing to pass, get the National Media such as "FOX News" in New York City to show how your government would rather put up a Football Stadium than help build a Highway that would also create jobs and save lives and help the economy instead of helping a rich man who could build his own stadium so some sports fans can watch something live instead of on T.V.

The Highway 14 (1-92 Corridor) will get done if you think on a larger scale and not just "What Will This Road Do For Me".

As I said before, we wouldn't have this problem if it wasn't for our local good ole boys network who stopped this project previously. You now have people who are thinking of the future, not of their own pocketbooks. Let's "Get Er Done"!

Rick Howk

New Ulm



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