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UN Human Rights panel no place for voter ID complaints

April 3, 2012
The Journal

NAACP officials don't like rules being adopted by some states to lesson vote fraud in elections. One example is requirements that voters display photo identification before casting ballots.

So, the NAACP is protesting - to the United Nations Human Rights Council.

No doubt the NAACP will receive a favorable reception from the council, which includes representatives from several countries whose leaders despise the United States, including such stalwart champions of free elections and China and Cuba.

Some of the countries on the UN Human Rights Council have been guilty of real human rights abuses - such as genocide, or the imprisonment or murder of political opponents and dissidents. Some such abuses have been ignored by the council in the past.

The photo ID for voters rule is opposed by many, like the NAACP, who feel it will take the vote away from groups who have trouble getting such ID, especially the poor, minorities, senior citizens and college students. We have no problem with people voicing their opposition to the idea.

But to compare voter ID rules to really human rights crimes, before a group with many members who have spotty records on human rights, is both absurd and disgusting.



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