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Try some discipline in bus case

March 31, 2012
The Journal

To the editor:

This is in regards to the incident that happened to the five-year-old on the school bus. As a parent of New Ulm child I want to apologize to the young girl and her parents, it makes me sick that this happened.

To Mr. Remme: Alternate school routes? Seriously, you might as well go and give the two boys a candy bar and a new game boy. I got an idea. Why don't you discipline the kids, like maybe expel them for a couple of years and let the parents home school them and let them deal with the poor job of parenting skills they have done.

Like I said my sympathy goes out to the little girl and her family, and I know they can't be prosecuted because of their age, but I hope you turn around and sue everyone that is responsible. The school district, the bus line, and last and most important the parents of the two boys that were involved, then maybe they can work on their parenting and disciplinary skills.

Your daughter probably will never forget this experience but hopefully with a large bank account it will be a little easier to.

Burton Flitter

New Ulm



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