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Let’s have a ruling

March 28, 2012
The Journal

The U.S. Supreme Court began hearings Monday on the U.S. health care overhaul law, which requires citizens to purchase health insurance or pay a penalty to the government. The first question was whether the court could hear the matter now, or whether it had to wait until the law went into effect next year.

It appears the court will decide to hear the matter now. That's good news for American citizens, who won't have to be subjected to the law's provisions before hearing whether they are constitutional. If the law is ruled unconstitutional, it's better to avoid the damage than try to undo it.

Tuesday, conservative members of the court were asking the kinds of questions that need to be asked: What gives Congress the power to tell us what to buy? If it can order us to by health insurance, what else can it order us to buy? Can it order us to buy cars, or broccoli. Is Congress regulating commerce, or creating it?

Federal control over the everyday lives of citizens has been growing little by little over the decades. It is time for the Supreme Court to order a halt and reverse this latest government power grab.



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