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Honor for fallen soldiers not a compelling political argument

March 23, 2012
The Journal

To the editor:

We Americans have a long-standing tradition of honoring those who have fallen in the service of our country. We show the utmost respect and consideration for their earthly remains and for their grieving families. When it comes to those who die in battle, we take very seriously the saying: "Concerning the dead, let us say nothing but good."

We have the greatest respect for a fallen soldier. But does that respect extend also to that person's political cause?

The answer to that question is no. We believe that political issues ought to be debated and decided on their own merits. We believe in burying our dead in dignity, not using their memory to denigrate fellow Americans who happen to be our political opponents.

Some supporters of same-sex marriage would like to cast the marriage amendment issue as a referendum on one soldier's legacy. The people of Minnesota realize, however, that the marriage amendment is not about one person. It is about maintaining an institution that is vital for securing the future of our entire society. It is about preserving for ourselves and our children the blessings that have come to our country through traditional marriage. The marriage amendment is about preventing traditional marriage itself from becoming a casualty in liberal America's war on traditional values.

Michael A. Thom

New Ulm



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