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Obama’s record on jobs

March 18, 2012
The Journal

Americans should re-elect him because of the allegedly impressive feat he has accomplished in creating jobs, President Barack Obama insists.

Surely thoughtful voters aren't going to buy that.

The truth is that Obama has done virtually nothing to hold down unemployment. In February 2009, just after he took office, the national rate was 8.3 percent. Last month, according to Obama's own Labor Department, the rate was 8.3 percent.

Likewise, the number of unemployed Americans has barely budged. In February 2009, soon after Obama took office, 12,860,000 people 16 years of age and older were unemployed. The number last month was 12,806,000. Bear in mind many analysts say unemployment numbers and rates are higher than reported because many Americans have become so frustrated they have stopped even looking for work.

In some areas, unemployment has soared under Obama.

One reason Obama has not been more successful is his insistence on using hundreds of billions of dollars to subsidize industries with no future (like the Solyndra solar energy company), while doing all he can to handicap those capable of providing good jobs immediately (like the Keystone XL Piprlinr).

So yes, by all means, let's look at Obama's record. Obviously, he should join the ranks of the unemployed.



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